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How To Make Money For Disney With The App 1Q

1q App

Hey Preppers! I am back today with a great new way to make FREE MONEY FOR DISNEY!  This is a new app that I have discovered that pays you to answer questions…sounds familiar right? There are plenty of apps out there like Swagbucks, InboxDollarsPanel App,  and SurveysOnTheGo that pay you to answer questions about your shopping habits and whatnot, but I am back with a new one!


1Q is an app that sends you questions on your smartphone periodically, and for each question answered, you get 25 cents sent directly to your PayPal.  Talk about easy money!


There is an option to get 50 cents per question on 1Q, but I heard through the grapevine that this means you will get less questions.  I opted for the 25 cents per question myself, even though it was tempting to do the 50 cents for sure.

You simply get the app HERE and then answer the questions about yourself, allow the app to send you notifications, and then connect it to your Facebook.     (It doesn’t do anything icky with the info, or post for you. All the info gathered is anonymous)  After all those steps are taken, it will send you  questions randomly.  You have to answer them quickly because the quicker you respond, the more questions you will get…so turn on those notifications!


This could be a great way to put a little extra money towards going to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios with your family with the 1Q app.

So what in the world are you waiting for? Click here and sign up to get started!


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