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5 Iphone App’s To Help Pay For Disney

iphone app
iphone app


The IPhone App Store is great for finding ways to make life easier, and more enjoyable, but did you also know that you can use your IPhone to make money easily?  The Apple App store offers many apps that can help you earn cash and gift cards but spending just a few minutes a day on them.

These apps are easy to use, and have been a viable way to earn free money and gift cards for thousands of people!

Swagbucks: Swagbucks has an app that can easily be downloaded, and put to work for you right away.  Answer surveys, watch movie trailers, and more.  Each task that you perform gives you points, which can be cashed out for gift cards.  his is the perfect way to spend the 10 minutes waiting in the pick-up line at school, or on the train to and from work.

Surveys On The Go: Another IPhone app that gives you cash for answering consumer questions.   These surveys take just a few minutes, and pay pretty good!

Inbox Dollars: Earn money from opening emails that are sent to you.  Easy as pie.  you can also earn through surveys on this app too.

Achievemint: Earn money by connecting your Applewatch, Fitbit, or other health device to this app.  You earn points by walking, sleeping a healthy amount each night, and exercising.  What a great incentive to work out and be healthy!

MileUp:  This Apple IPhone App is great for those of you who drive a lot.  You simply have your IPhone in the car while you drive or ride in a car, and you earn points per mile.  This site pays out fast too, which is a plus.

Spare5: This IPhone app is another easy way to kill 5 minutes while you wait somewhere.  Simply answer questions, and earn cash.   Most tasks take 1-5 minutes.

These Apple IPhone Apps are all easy to use, and an even easier way to make some easy money to put towards Disney. Get Amazon gift cards, and then buy gift cards to places on Disney property, like Rainforest Café, Starbucks, or House of Blues.  I have used them all myself, and recommend them all.





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