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Circle with Disney is a GAME CHANGER for Parents!

Circle with Disney

As a mom of three TWEENS (yikes!),   I have been struggling with Internet safety, and screen time for a few years now.   My kids all have smart TVs, and iPads, and my middle-schooler has an iPhone. Trying to keep them safe online, and monitor their screen time has been a challenge.

Circle with Disney has been a God-send for my family! We have had it installed for about a week now, and it is AMAZING!


It came in a little box, and is super easy to set up.  You plug the white Circle box into an outlet,  and it acts as a router between your devices and your Wi-Fi. Next, you download an app on your phone and wa-la, you now control the Internet for your family in the palm of your hand! 

Circle with Disney


I went through and named the devices for each person that they belonged to, and then created profiles for each kid.  Then I went through and set the age limit for each kid for the Internet.

circle with disney

Next, I was able to set bedtimes and awake times for each kid.  This makes bedtime SO MUCH EASIER! Instead of fighting over “just 5 more minutes until my video is done!” The Wi-Fi to their devices simply shuts off at the time that I set. No TV, no nothing. It is AWESOME!

(This was before I set my daughter’s bedtime, she does not go to bed at midnight. Lol!)

Another life-changing feature of Circle, is the PAUSE option.   That’s right people, I can simply push the pause button on their devices, and make them emerge from their bedrooms to do my bidding…aka, homework, chores, etc.   They know that they won’t get their precious Internet back unless they do what they are told.
You can also reward the kiddos with extra time if you so chose to. Like maybe 10 more minutes before they have to go to bed. 


You can add time limits to their screen time too, or just certain areas, like only 15 minutes on Instagram for my 12 year old or whatever.   And you can also turn their devices off for a certain time period, like when they are in school (for my son’s phone) It is so nice to not stress about it!

Circle takes the worry out of what my kids are being exposed to on the Internet.  They cannot go to inappropriate websites (even though my kids are really good kids, I promise). I can also see every website they visit, and at what time.

circle with disney circle with disney

I also was able to add a pin number that my kids don’t know, so that they can’t grab my phone and change their settings.

They also have an option to monitor and control your kid’s Internet usage when they are on the go.  If they are connected to any other Wi-Fi besides your home, you can also monitor their devices with Circle Go for $9.99 a month.  This may be something that we do when our kids get a little older and are at friend’s houses more.

All  in all, Circle is a game changer for parenting today.  It is about $100, and worth every penny.   It gets 2 thumbs up from my husband and I for sure!  I think that every parent should have this, hands down.

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