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1 Of The Easiest Deals On Disney Gift Cards Ever!

Hi Preppers! I know that you all love it when I find deals on Disney gift cards, it is the number one reason that people come to my website, and I love fining deals on Disney gift cards for you and for me!

deals on disney gift cards

So I just got a new Laptop, and it has Microsoft Edge on it as my source of Internet. I use it because it works just fine, and I’m not too picky.  Bing is the search engine that it uses, and that was also just fine with me because like I said, I’m not picky.  Today I noticed a little icon up in the top right corner of my home page.  I clicked on it, and discovered this thing called Bing Rewards! (See that orange icon?)

deals on disney gift cards

Little did I know, that all the times that I was searching in the Bing search bar, I was amassing points… I had almost 3000 points already without even knowing it!

I bet you can all see where this is going, can’t you?

Yep… Deals on getting to Disney!


So, there are two ways that I can see to use the Bing rewards for Disney Purposes.

  1. Starbucks gift cards:  You can trade in your points for Starbucks gift cards, and then use then at the Starbucks on Disney Property.  Free coffee in the most Magical place on Earth?!? yes. please.
  2. Amazon Gift Cards:  Use your points to get Amazon gift cards, and then use those Amazon gift cards to buy Disney related gift cards like Rainforest café, which is on Disney property at Animal Kingdom, or gas gift cards to get to Disney!

deals on disney gift cards

There are other cool ways to use your Bing Rewards also, but seriously, if it’s not Disney related, why even bother? haha!


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