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Top 10 Disney Themed Easter Eggs by MickeyPrep

disney easter eggs
Disney Easter Eggs

I am so excited that it’s almost Easter time! I love decorating eggs, and seeing what the Easter Bunny brought my kids, and dressing up extra special for church.  I may or may not also love stealing pieces of chocolate from their Easter baskets when they are in bed.  Some years we go all out with our decorating Easter eggs, and other years we run out of time and just use those little plastic eggs.  My kids are getting older now, so the Easter egg hunt in the morning is getting a little less magical, so this year I plan on making Disney themed Easter eggs to help bump up the magic level!

I have spent a slightly embarrassing amount of time researching Disney themed Easter eggs, so naturally, a blog post was in order!

So without further ado:

Disney Easter Eggs!

disney easter eggsTumblr user Rightthereontheoceanfloor made these adorable Tsum Tsum inspired Easter Eggs.  They are so stinking cute I can’t stand it!

disney easter eggsBlogger A Pumpkin and A Princess has a DIY for these fun Frozen Themed Easter Eggs.

disney easter eggsThis set is just a cute random group of Disney Easter Eggs by Disney Inspired

disney easter eggsThat Ariel Easter Egg is amazing.  If I tried to make this, it would look nothing like Ariel, but this one is spot on! Found on  but if you know who really made this, please let me know!

disney easter eggsThese Star Wars Storm Trooper Easter Eggs could be fun, with a steady hand and a sharpie marker.

These disney easter eggsDoctor Disney posted these intricate classic Disney character Easter eggs.

disney easter eggsYou could make these Mickey and Minnie themed eggs with plastic eggs, or a sharpie and red dye or paint.


disney easter eggsSomebody on Imgur is very talented, and very patient to make this Mike Wozowski Easter egg!

disney easter eggsThese Minnie Mouse themed Easter eggs are more my speed.

and last but not least…..


disney easter eggsThese Disney princess themed Easter eggs are the absolute cutest that I have ever seen.  I love them!


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