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Disney Money Saving Tips: Go To Disney Next Year!

disney money saving tips

Disney Money Saving Tips

I love figuring out ways for people to go to Disney World for cheaper than they think is possible.  Today I come to you with a savings plan to get you to Walt Disney World next year!  This plan is easy to stick to, and will get a family of 4 with 2 kids under age 10 to Disney for 4 days, staying on Disney property and eating well.


The savings plan is simple: save $50 a week.  I know that $50 a week might be hard some weeks, but if you can put it away into your new Disney saving’s account each week for one year, you will be going to Walt Disney World with your family!

Saving $50 a week for 52 weeks will get you $2,600.

2 adults and 2 kids under 10 can get 4 day Park Tickets (non park hopper) for $1,260.

A value room is usually right around $100 a night at Walt Disney World.  They have 4 value resorts at WDW, I have stayed in 2 of them with my family, and they are great! Nothing cheap or dirty about them at all, Disney is known for outstanding service and cleanliness.  So $400 for a 4 night stay on Disney property, which gives you all the amenities for staying on Disney property like free shuttle to and from the airport, and free transportation from your resort to and from the parks.


This leaves you with almost $1000 for food and souvenirs.


If you go to Walt Disney World in the fall, you can often get FREE DINING. While this is not a guaranteed promotion every year, the Disney free dining promotion is usually offered from late August, to mid December with some black out dates. Free dining can usually be booked through July 8th of the year you are going.

Learn more about free dining at Disney HERE.

If you don’t get the free dining, you can eat for cheap at Disney if you know how.  I wrote up a popular post HERE on how to do this.


So there you have it folks, ANOTHER way to save for Walt Disney World in one year and make your family’s Disney dreams come true!

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