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5 Hidden Secrets of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

disney secrets animal kingdom

One of the many reason’s why we love the Disney Parks so much, is all the fun little secrets hidden throughout the parks. You could spend an entire day or two just wandering around the parks searching for fun little “Easter Eggs” that the Disney Imagineers have hidden in plain sight.

This week, I will be breaking down all 4 Walt Disney World Parks for you, to highlight my favorite hidden gems animal throughout the parks! Click here for Hollywood Studios Secrets and Secrets of Epcot

secrets of disney's animal kingdom

Today’s Park is Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

Secrets of Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

Secret Entrance:

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth a second look.  So many people rush the main entrance at Animal Kingdom, that things can get a little crowded.  Take a right when you get to the entrance of the park, and go through the gift shop at the Rainforest Café.  This will bypass the huge rush of people, and get you on your way to a morning Safari or Everest ride!

Secret entrance to animal kingdom


Divine is a secret Disney “character” who can be found between Africa and asia in Animal Kingdom from time to time.  Part human, and part tree, most guests walk right by her, but if you do catch a glimpse of her, you will not be disappointed!

animal kingdom secrets

Kali River Rapids Surprise:

Walk up onto the bridge at the end of Kali River Rapids, and you will see a secret button. Push it, and the riders will get a wet surprise!

disney secrets animal kingdom

Hidden Trails:

There are several hidden trails around the Tree of Life that are not on the Disney maps.  These trails are great for getting from one part of the park to another while avoiding the crowds, and are lined with amazing animals to check out on your way!

disney secrets animal kingdom

Winged Encounters:

If you are in front of the Tree of Life, near the Island Mercantile shop around 9:15am, 10:15am, 1:00pm, or 2:00pm, look up! Beautiful, colorful macaws will fly in above you, and land on the perch pictured below.  These birds will put on a 3-8 minute show with their trainers, and it is magical!


 disney secrets

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