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Cheap and Healthy Snacks at Walt Disney World

disney snacks

When you think about all of the options for Disney Snacks, you may picture popcorn drenched in butter, Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, and nachos. If you are trying to be healthy, this may send you into a little panic, but there is no need to worry. If you have the Disney dining plan, you get snack credits. These snack credits can be used on all sorts of things throughout the parks and on Disney property, and I have listed out all the healthy options that are under $7 for those who want to eat healthy but do not have the Disney dining plan:

healthy and cheap disney snacks

Cheap and Healthy Disney Snacks:

Apple Slices with Caramel $4.00
Banana $2.25
Carrots and Celery – with ranch dressing $4.25
Fruit and Cheese $6.00
Fruit and Cheese Plate – grapes, strawberries, cheddar and Swiss $6.50
Fruit and Nut Trail Mix $4.25
Fruit and String Cheese Plate – grapes, strawberries and string cheese $5.75
Grapes $4.00
Hummus with Pretzels $4.75
Mini Tomatoes $4.75
Pickle $1.75
Pineapple Cup $4.25
Seasonal Fruit Cup $4.00
Vegetable Plate – broccoli, carrot sticks, and tomatoes with dip $4.25
Whole Fruit – may include apples, oranges or bananas $2.25
Frozen Banana – chocolate covered with nuts $5.00
No Sugar Added Strawberry Bar $3.75

There are also healthy and cheap options throughout the parks that are only found in certain pars, like edamame and other fresh fruit and veggies, hummus,  and crudités in Animal Kingdom.

Granola bars, hard boiled eggs, clementine’s, and yogurt at Hollywood Studios.

Banana chips, chilled shrimp, seed and fruit mix, California rolls, guacamole, Tabbouleh, lentil salad, marinated olives, and couscous at Epcot.

Vegetable egg rolls, watermelon, and smoothies at Magic Kingdom.


As you can see, there are so many yummy, and nutritious snacks options at Walt Disney World that won’t break the bank.  Of course, Disney DOES also allow you to bring your own food into the parks.  Take advantage of this by bringing along some healthy snacks in a backpack to help keep you satisfied between meals.






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