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Disney Strollers 101 plus a FREE Disney Stroller Printable Sign

disney strollers

If you are reading this on the day that I write it, it is Valentine’s Day!  I am going to make this short and sweet because I have to get to my kid’s school for Valentine Parties.

When you go to Disney, there are thousands of other families like yours heading there at the same time as you.  As a veteran mom who has been there pregnant, and with babies and toddlers, I know the stroller game is fierce at Disney!  Not only are you contending to get through the crowds with your stroller, but you are also forced to leave it behind a lot, and then find it again amongst a sea of other strollers! To make matters even trickier, Cast Members often will move strollers around while you are on a ride or in an attraction, in order to make things all neat and tidy.   Some people buy those gigantic Mickey balloons to tell their stroller apart from the others, but those can pop, and are quite expensive for a balloon.   I suggest making a sign for your stroller and laminating it.  Write your name and phone number on the back of it, and tie it to the stroller where it can be seen.

disney strollers

You can rent a stroller at Walt Disney World for $15 a day, or a double stroller for $31 a day…yikes!disney strollers

I have created this fun Nemo themed stroller sign for my MickeyPrep fans for you to print for free!

free printable disney stroller sign

Click this link to download it for free!  This Stroller Is MINE!


Below I have also listed some of my very favorite Disney strollers and stroller accessories for my MickeyPrep fans who are heading off to the Happiest Place on Earth with their little ones in tow.




This Mickey Umbrella Stroller is only $18.99 on Amazon!

Minnie Mouse Garden Night Umbrella Stroller $20.47 on Amazon.

Minnie neck pillow and a Minnie autograph book for only $12.99!

These Sippy cup tethers were a serious life saver when my kids were in strollers. 2 for $10!




This post contains some affiliate links, which means that I get a tiny bit of money from Amazon if you buy anything at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping me keep MickeyPrep going strong!

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