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5 Disney Valentines under $5!

disney valentines

It’s that time of year again, when all the stores have their Christmas stuff at 90% off, and you can buy Valentine’s Day candy already!  I still have 2 more years of kids in elementary school, so that means 2 more years of buying Valentines for my kids to pass out to their classmates.  I figure that I might as well save some money and buy them for cheap on Amazon, and get them shipped for free with my Prime membership!

I have found the cutest Disney themed Valentines on Amazon, all under $5!


I know that my kids still love to give and receive Valentine’s Day cards with their friends at school.  My oldest son is in middle school and is far too cool to hand out valentines anymore.  Cherish the days where your kids still want you to come to their class parties, because they go so quickly! My younger two kids are in 4th and 5th grade, and luckily they still want mom to come and pass out bright red cupcakes to their pals.  I will continue to do so until they are all too big anymore, and even then I will always give them a special treat for Valentine’s day because they are the loves of my life.   Do you go to your kid’s class parties? What is your favorite treat to bring to your kid’s friends?

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