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How to get Cheap Disney world Florida tickets deals

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How to get cheap Disney world Florida tickets deals

Hi Preppers!  I am so excited to share this Disney tip with you all today! I have been asked countless times how to get Disney world Florida tickets deals. COUNTLESS TIMES!

disney world florida tickets deals

For the absolute best discount on multi-day tickets to Walt Disney World, you should buy from UndercoverTourist.com.

Disney rarely offers discounts on park tickets, so buying through Undercover Tourist is a great way to save money!

Undercover Tourist buys tickets directly from Disney at a wholesale price, and then resells them to THOUSANDS of people  (me included!) at a discounted price.

Undercover Tourist has FREE SHIPPING, and includes the tax! When you compare Disney tickets directly from the Disney Website, to Undercover Tourist, Disney is not including the 6.5% tax in their total until you are ready to check out, then they add it.

These tickets are the exact same tickets with the exact same benefits to you, as if you had bought them directly from Disney.  When my husband first found them online years ago, I was skeptical about discounted tickets, but they are a reputable company for sure, I would not recommend anything to my readers that I didn’t already love myself.   The Disney Mom Panel even recommends them, and they are a website owned by Disney!

Once you get your Tickets from Undercover Tourist, you go to Mydisneyexperience.com, and put in your ticket number and attach it to your hotel reservation, to use with your Fastpasses, and MagicBands.

So, now we know how to save money on Park tickets, save money on food, save money on gas, save money on souvenirs, and to save money on hotel rooms at Disney (Undercover Tourist also has discount hotel rooms on Disney property too!)…what are you waiting for? Lets go to Disney World!

disney world florida tickets deals

This post may contain affiliate links, which help me keep this blog up and running, so you can save money on Disney.

disney world florida ticket deals

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2 thoughts on “How to get Cheap Disney world Florida tickets deals

  1. I compared the difference ordering my tickets through Disneyworld.com and on Undercover and there was only a $4 difference. That included tax and shipping on both ends. It was $1481 and $1477 for three day tickets for 5 people. Am I doing something wrong? On Undercover it stated that I was save $110 dollars but I do not see it. Unless they are just comparing gate prices… But your blog shows it ordering online too.

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