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DIY Faux Stone Countertops

Diy faux stone farmhouse countertops  made for less that twenty dollars!

Hey there friends! We have been redoing our master bathroom for the last two weeks. (And by “we” I mean my husband has been doing most of the work)

We love to do things inexpensively (hence The FRUGAL Farmhouse) so today I’m going to share with you how we made our old gross laminate countertops into black faux stone countertops.

I love the look, and it was so inexpensive!

Ok, so take a look at the old stained nasty laminate from approximately 1997.

Frugal farmhouse countertops

Frugal farmhouse countertopsSo turns out, it’s super easy to tear off the layer of laminate from counter tops.

Next comes the part where you go “Whaaaaat?!?”

We painted the countertop with black chalkboard paint. we did two layers to make sure that it was fully covered.

Frugal farmhouse countertopsFrugal farmhouse countertops

Next came 4 layers of this stuff. MinWax Polycrylic protective finish in clear satin.

We tested the countertops out after four layers by dropping some water on them to see how they would do   The water made a slight lighter color mark, but then completely disappeared after a few minutes   I call that a success!

I love the textured look of the countertop!

We put the same sink back in, but the find of the century was that faucet…. we found it at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $15! It ties it all together perfectly.

Frugal farmhouse countertopsFrugal farmhouse countertops

We still have a few details (like that hideous light fixture) to finish up in the bathroom, but I’m loving it so far! My hubby is so talented and such a hard worker   He really takes my crazy ideas seriously, and goes above and beyond!  Even with an actual engineer as a husband, I feel like I could have done this job myself too  it was super easy and made such a huge impact!

Stay tuned for how we did the faux shiplap for less than $50, and a full bathroom reveal!

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