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How To Get A Disney Dole Whip For FREE!

dole whip

The Dole Whip…if you have had one, you already know…they are freaking delicious.   Especially when you are hot as heck in the Florida sunshine walking 20 miles a day all over Walt Disney World.  dole whipThe tasty pineapple soft serve is a Disney snack staple for sure. But what if you are also in need of a little liquid encouragement to get through your kids begging for a light up magic wand or yet another stuffed animal? Well folks, let me tell you all about the Rum infused Dole Whip!

dole whip

A Snack hut, nestled in the back of Disney’s Animal Kingdom called Tamu Tamu offers Dole Whips with Parrot Bay coconut rum and Myers’s dark rum! dole whipHubby got the Dark rum version and it was verrrry strong… he liked it A LOT. dole whip

I went with the coconut rum flavor, and it was heaven in my mouth.  Seriously…. SO GOOD!

Tamu Tamu means Yum Yum, and that is a great name for the snack spot!


Dole whips are $3.99 each, so grab a regular one for the kiddos, and then splurge on the Rum Dole Whip for yourself for $6.25!

Better yet, get free Disney gift cards and use them to drink for FREE at Walt Disney World!





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