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Anyone who has ever been to Disney knows that you experience a little sticker shock when you see how much little snacks can be on Disney property.  If you have FREE DINING, then you probably aren’t even looking at the price tags of food, but if you weren’t so lucky, you probably have your jaw on the ground.

I ALWAYS bring snacks on our trip to Walt Disney World, and have learned from lots of trial and error that there are some things that work, and some things that definitely don’t.

While little bags of chips or popcorn may seem easy enough, and liked by your kids, they don’t hold up well in backpacks or purses in the Disney parks.  You will be asked to store your bags under your feet a lot, and will end up with a bag of crumbs to eat instead.

I suggest snacks in sturdy packaging, like these below:

I also suggest more healthy snacks.  You will be on the go at Walt Disney World, and filling your body up with sugar and salt might make you miserable after awhile.


Now, lets talk about how to save money on these snacks…or even get them for FREE!

I always save up my Walgreens Balance Rewards and CVS ExtraCare Rewards to buy free snacks for our trips to Disney. I even link my Fitbit to my Walgreens rewards and get points for exercising and walking!  Keep an eye on Couponing to Disney to see I she has any good snack deals listed to grab up before your trip, and use your points!


I also use Swagbucks to get FREE snacks delivered to my house from Amazon.  You can even have your food delivered to your Disney resort if you so choose!


All I know, is that unless I am getting the FREE DINING OPTION that Disney usually offers in the fall, I do not want to pay $$$ for a snack, when I could save that money for something else.


What are some ways that you like to save on food at Disney?  What are some of your go-to snacks?




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