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Free Money For Disney Gift Cards Has Never Been Easier!


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Just when I think that earning free money couldn’t get any easier, I find an app that pays me to drive.  Nope, not Uber, I like my car rides stranger-free, and full of my own version of Car-pool Karaoke. I stumbled upon an app called MileUp.    I drive, and allow the app to use my location, and I get points per mile, which equals points for free gift cards! I downloaded the app this morning before I took my kids to school, and already have points building up!

4000 points equals $5 in Amazon, Dominos, Game Stop, ITunes, Nike, Regan Entertainment, Target, or Walmart gift cards.   You can use the Target and Walmart gift cards to buy Disney gift cards in the stores. Amazon has restaurant gift cards for sale, that are located on Disney property, like T-rex café, Rainforest Café, and House of Blues and of course, STARBUCKS (there are 6 on Disney Property!)

free disney gift cards


You can join challenges and earn more points, and refer friends to get 100 points too!   All in all, this is another great way to chip away at your total Disney vacation budget.  Add this to my growing list of money-makers and you have your own little side hustle going to help give your family a magical Walt Disney World vacation!

free disney gift cards




Mileup has grown a lot since I first wrote this post.   They now offer sweepstakes as well as gift cards.  Below is how to find the gift cards section of the prizes:



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16 thoughts on “Free Money For Disney Gift Cards Has Never Been Easier!

  1. Ok so I sorta like this I idea and I sorta don’t. Granted at this time I do not have a smartphone to add an app to. I’m worried that if an app knows I’m out driving around and where I’m driving-like it knows I’m driving North on Hwy 101 then it may also know I’m not home– do you have to give the app your home address at all? Call me easily worried about strangers knowing my whereabouts… Any thoughts or clarification you can offer?

    1. I have had the same thoughts since downloading it and trying it. One the one hand, I’m getting “free money” but on the other hand, I’m wondering where my driving information is going. I scoured the privacy policy found here: https://mileup.ai/privacy-policy/

      It looks like they can use it for legal reasons if you need to be found, and they give the info for 3rd party companies to use.

      Not for everyone, that’s for sure, but it is an easy way to make money

  2. The app has Changed since March 2017. There is not longer gift cards or free money. Now instead of $5 giftcards, you are now entered into a sweepstakes. 🙁

    1. Hmmm maybe? I’m wondering if they have done away with gift cards for new users? I’ll email them and get back to you.

        1. I emailed them asking why new users aren’t seeing the gift card option but haven’t heard back from them yet 🙁

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