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How to Make Money For Disney By Walking With Achievemint

If you are anything like me, you sat around eating cookies all winter and now the thought of bathing suit seasons scares the ever-lovin’ out of you.  I have recently gotten back on the work-out train, and am loving it! If you also know me, you know that I don’t do anything until I find a way to make some money or gift cards off it too, right?

I first started working out for Walgreens Rewards (AKA CASH) using my Fitbit to link to the Walgreens app.  You can learn all about that here.

Now I have a second way to make money off of walking…and sleeping, and working out, and even weighing myself.

Achievemint is an awesome app and website that allows you to link your phone health app or Fitbit, or Garmin to their app to gain points for being healthy!

You can connect the Achievemint app to a ton of different sites and devices, to gain points.  Once you get to 10,000 points, you get $10!


Use this Achievemint money towards your Disney fund or Universal Vacation and make money without doing anything that you normally wouldn’t do!  What an awesome way to pad your vacation fund easily!

achievemint achievemint


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4 thoughts on “How to Make Money For Disney By Walking With Achievemint

    1. From what I’ve read, You get an email from giftrocket.com which allows you to choose how to get paid. Either PayPal or gift card 🙂 I’m almost to the payout amount and I will update then 🙂

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