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How to Save and budget For Disney in One Year

Disney world savings plan:

disney world savings plan

How to Save for A Disney Vacation in 1 Year: Disney world savings plan

Ever wonder how some people seem to be able to afford and save to go to Walt Disney World every other year or even every year? These people aren’t millionaires, they seem to just be ordinary joe schmos like the rest of us, so how are they living the Disney Dream so often?

It’s all about saving and planning.  The average Disney Vacation for a family of 4 in 2016 costs around $5000 with airplane tickets, resort stay for a week, Park tickets, and a quick service dining plan.

Booking a trip to Disney starts with a $200 down payment.   You can see by the graph above that you are making the down payment by week 9 or 10! If you are using my special gift card trick then you are probably making the down payment even earlier!

After the down payment is made,  you, or your Authorized Disney Travel Planner will book your vacation, and then you can make weekly or monthly or bi-monthly payments through him/her with what you have saved according to the chart above. You can also do all the planning yourself, if you do not want to use a Travel Agent.

Your vacation just needs to be paid off 45 days or sooner before you arrive at Disney.

So what are you waiting for? Go put $4.00 in a new bank account, or a coffee can, or under your mattress, and you have officially started a Disney world savings plan and budgeting for an amazing Walt Disney World vacation of your dreams!


The chart above is printable, the orange tab is what you save each week, and the blue tab will be what you have already saved up so far.


Please pass this saving’s plan on to anyone you may know who is trying to Budget for a Disney Vacation in one year also!

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18 thoughts on “How to Save and budget For Disney in One Year

      1. Do you add $4 dollars each week or do you add the amount in orange to what you already have? Because if I just add $4 a week then I end with $208, but if I add the amount in orange for that week then there is one week where I add just $4 and another where I add $208. Is this a chart you have used before? This chart is just a little confusing and I was wondering if you could clear some things up about it

  1. Any idea what I would need to save to cut this down to 25 weeks? I already have $900 I can use for Disney.. can’t figure out how this math works. Thanks

    1. Hi Michele, in need the following info to help you out: how many adults and how many kids are going (remember, Disney counts 10 and up as kids). Are you staying on property? Have you booked already? Does this include food too? Thanks!

      1. 2 adults, 1 child (8 years old). We haven’t booked anything.. trying to see if we can manage to save enough first. I would like to stay off property (seems cheaper and more room).. and we would need food. 😊

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