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Top 4 Disney World Secrets for Cheap Souvenirs

disney world secrets Disney World Secrets

How to Save Money on Disney Souvenirs: Disney World Secrets
Hello again! I’m back with another money saving tip for your next trip to Walt Disney World! This in one of the best Disney World secrets that I have found!

This last trip, our kids were all old enough to be able to spend their own money. We gave them each a set amount to spend (they earned it), and they knew that they could not spend it on junk. In other words, they had to get their purchases approved by us before they could buy it. We were not going to be buying crappy light up toys that would break within a week either. We let the kids in on our best Disney world secrets…

Now, at home, the kid’s spending money would have gone pretty far, but everything at Disney is double what you would normally spend.

1: One great place to go before you go to the Parks is the Disney Outlet Store in Orlando. Located here. The Disney Outlet Store is located in Orlando, not far from the parks.   It is worth the drive, or Uber ride to get there, considering all the Disney Discounts you will get there!

They have so much discounted Disney stuff there, and for a deal seeking mama like me, it was heaven!

My kids loved pin trading at the parks, they wanted Disney lanyards to display their pins at the parks, but those lanyards were $10! We saw them at the discount store for 99 cents! They had lots of cool discounted trading pins there as well.

They also sell discounted tee shirts, and other Disney clothes too. Basically anything you could think of at the parks is at the discount store. Some of it may be from last season, but when kids have money burning a hole in their pockets, it is much easier to say YES when it is all on sale!

2: But Disney Gift cards with your Target Debit Red Card and save 5% before your trip.  We take a certain amount for each person, and go buy that amount in Disney gift cards at Target.  We use our DEBIT Target card, and automatically save 5% off those cards! That is like getting something for nothing in the Disney Souvenir shops! Give each kid a card, and they can spend away!

3: Ask for Disney gift cards for Birthdays and Holiday gifts! Don’t know what to get for your 12 year old nephew, but he’s going to Disney…give him the gift of shopping for that perfect Mickey t-shirt!  Ask Grandparents to give gift cards if they want to do something special for your kids before your trip, this is an awesome gift!

4: While I usually do not recommend credit card us, just because I love living DEBT FREE, The Chase Disney Visa does have some sweet benefits for sure! They offer all kinds of Disney vacation and shopping perks and rewards!


I loved getting Disney Souvenirs for cheap! We will make this a must-do for our future trips to Disney for sure!

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