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How to Save Money on Gas to Disney World

save money on gas to disney world

Save money on gas to Disney World:


Do you buy gas at Shell SpeedwayBP or Mobil ? I have found a way to save money on gas to Disney World!  My family of five does not fly to Florida anymore.  We live in Michigan, and it takes us 19 hours from our house to Walt Disney Property.  19 hours in the car is a bit much, but we save so much money by driving instead of flying.

You know that I love RAISE.COM , we buy Target gift cards discounted there, and then buy Disney gift cards with those.  Its a process, but totally worth the hundreds of dollars that we save.

Now, I have figured out that we can buy gas station gift cards for less than what they are worth, and then use them to buy the gas for out way from Michigan to Florida!


We usually spend about $300 on gas for Disney from Michigan to Orlando, so saving 5% or more is awesome!  We can also use these gas station gift cards for snacks too, which is sometimes the only way to keep the kiddos from losing their minds.


Use coupon code RAISE25AF with my link to get $5 off too!



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