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$3 DIY Farmhouse Wreath

farmhouse wreath
My adorable hubby picked up one of those faux lamb’s ear branches in the Target dollar spot for $3 (yeah, I know, it should be called the $1-$5 spot, but whatever.) I had been hemming and hawing over what to do with it for a few days, when I saw a super cute wreath on Amazon selling for $28! (Um, no) So I put my thinking cap on and made this adorable wreath for a total of three dollars! I love the cute farmhouse look that it adds to my living room corner. It really adds a pop of color to the living room that is mostly grey and white, and dresses it up to look less like a random old thrift store ladder sitting in my living room.
Farmhouse DIY Wreath
What do you all think? Let me know if you make one, and post it in the comments! Add a little farmhouse to your home in just a few minutes for a few bucks! Come like my Frugal Farmhouse Facebook page too please!
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