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Money Saving Tips for Disney World Food

I love Walt Disney World so much that I am willing to somewhat overlook the fact that food and drinks there are almost double what I would pay normally at home.  I have a few Money Saving Tips for Disney World Food, to eat as cheaply as possible while sticking to a budget. Unfortunately Disney does not offer Free Dining all the time, and we like going in other seasons besides the fall sometimes, so we have gotten creative on how to eat on a budget at Disney.

money saving tips for disney world

  1. Kids meals are for grown ups too! My husband and I ordered kids meals almost every lunch in our resort quick service restaurant. We got an entree, like a burger, salad, pasta, chicken, fish, etc, and two sides like grapes, apples, or a cookie. We had already purchased the refillable mugs on our first day there, so we used those for our lunch drinks, and packed away the water bottle that came with our lunch for the afternoon in the parks. This got us two meals for the price of one adult meal!
  2. Split a meal. Don’t see anything you want on the kid’s menu? Split an adult meal! The portions are huge, my husband and I were never hungry on vacation, that is for sure. Some restaurants throughout Disney World have family meals too, these are often a good deal and quite yummy! We usually drive to Disney, considering plane tickets for five people are astronomical. This works out well though, considering the fact that we can go to a grocery store off Disney Property and get breakfast foods like cereal, milk, muffins, yogurt, and fruit for way cheaper than we could buying them at Disney. We also buy snacks while at the stores. We find that individually packaged snacks work best. The small cups of Pringles are great to throw in a backpack without worrying about them getting crushed. How to eat on a budget at Disney
  3. If you don’t have a car on Vacation, have groceries delivered to your resort! Garden Grocer is an awesome store that lets you pick out your groceries online and will deliver them right to your resort! We have used them personally, and we’re very pleased with their service and prices.
  4. Check out the menus before you go walking around aimlessly for lunch or dinner. When we would go back to our resort for the afternoon pool/nap time, we would always get on our phones and check out sites like www.touringplans.com, www.allears.net, and www.disneydining.com to see where we wanted to eat dinner. Our lunch was usually eaten in our resort quick service restaurant. This takes the guessing out of menu prices, and if your kids will eat anything on the menu. How to eat on a budget at Disney 5. Have groceries delivered to your resort by Amazon! Seriously, so easy. If you are a Prime member, you get free shipping! Either have them delivered to your house and bring them along, or delivered to your Disney Resort or off property hotel!

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  1. Just know, before ordering groceries online to be delivered to your resort – many of the resorts charge a $5 per package fee.

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