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More Free Disney World Gift Cards!

disney world gift cards

One of my favorite things ever is helping my readers get free Disney World gift cards to put towards a Disney Vacation! I personally use 6 different apps and websites that give me gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Visa, or PayPal money, which I put towards Disney vacations for my family.  Well, my awesome Husband sent me a link to a new app the other day called “Surveys on the Go“.


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Surveys to go is an app that I downloaded on my IPhone.  They pay around 50 cents to 1 dollar per survey, and the surveys last around 1-3 minutes each to take!

My plan is to get on this app every Monday through Friday while waiting in the pick-up line at my kid’s school.

They pay-out once you reach $10 (which shouldn’t take too long at all), and they pay you in either Amazon, Visa, PayPal or Starbucks gift cards…all which can be used on your Disney Vacation!



Later this week, I will be posting my gift card income for August and September, since my blog began August 1st this year.  You will all be surprised at how much I have earned in gift cards in 8 weeks of minimal work!  I cannot wait to hear about how much all my Preppers have earned in Free Disney World Gift Cards for their Disney vacations too!

disney world gift cards

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