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How I’m Paying For Disney With Rewards Points: October Earnings

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Hi Preppers!

Have you been following along with me on how to get FREE gift cards to use towards a Disney vacation?

I have used 8 apps and websites to get free gift cards with reward points, and below, I have listed what I made for the month of October towards a Disney Vacation:


$50.00 for the month of October


$16.00 for the month of October


$7.00 for the month of October


3.00 for the month of October


$11.75 For the month of October


$3.00 for the month of October


$7.00 For the month of October


Inbox Dollars:

$11.63 for the month of October

As you can see, Some of my reward points apps earn more than others, but I keep plugging away at them all.

TOTAL: $109.38 for the month of October

Check out my September Rewards Points!

That’s not too shabby for doing things I would already do like walking (my Fitbit earns me Walgreens points) and scanning my grocery receipts, along with short surveys and searching the web!

I am going to cash out my September earnings into PayPal and gift cards. All will either go into my Disney Savings Account, or be stored away for our upcoming Disney Vacation, to use at Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom, T Rex Café at Disney Springs, Starbucks on Disney Property, or to buy snacks from Walgreens for our drive down to Orlando.

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