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REVIEW: Lipsmacker Disney Flavors and GIVEAWAY!

Disney Moana

Hello Hello! Have you and your kids seen Disney’s Moana yet? It’s  an adorable, fun movie for the whole family! Lipsmacker and I have teamed up to give away this amazing Moana gift set to one lucky Instagram friend! Go like MickeyPrep and Lipsmacker and like my giveaway photo for a chance to win it the set which includes 6 yummy flavors. The flavors are Bubble Gum Fun, Tropical Spirit, Tricky Coconut, Seaside Strawberry, Tiki Tangetine, and Blueberry Breeze. SO YUMMY! I have loved Lipsmackers since I was a kid back in the 90’s! The scent of some of them brings me right back to the halls of middle school, LOL!

This would be an amazing gift for the Disney Kiddo in your life! The giveaway winner will be announced on December 9th, 2016 at noon.

lipsmacker disney

Lipsmacker also sent me a Frozen Winter Berry Frost flavor, and a 3-pack of Finding Dory flavors too! The finding Dory Flavors are Blue Tang Berry, Starfish cookie, and Water-melon Pop.  My 3 kids grabbed them up last night, and all LOVE them! Even my too-cool boys who are 10 and 12 love them! They are not too cool for Lipsmackers!

Have you checked out Lipsmacker’s website? Where was this when I was 10 years old? oh right…the Internet didn’t exist then……

Well, it is pretty much the cutest website ever, kids can vote on what they want Lipsmaker’s next flavor to be, buy Lip balms for A BUCK, and a lot more!

lipsmacker disney

I adore Lipsmackers, they taste great, look great, and have been a staple in my purse since I was a kid! They have been around since 1973 too, so you know they are doing something right!

What’s your favorite Lipsmaker flavor? Mine is  vanilla, the second I smell it, I am back in middle school! I absolutely love it!

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