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How to Use Walgreens Rewards for Saving for Disney

saving for disney

If you have been to my blog before, you know that I love saving for Disney! One of the main focuses of this blog is helping people like YOU find ways to save for Disney, and take a magical Disney vacation, when you thought that maybe it would be impossible to go.

Today’s tip for saving for Disney is for my friends who are driving to Disney, or Renting a car, because you are going to need to use these savings off Disney property.


For Christmas last year, I got a Fitbit Charge HR . I quickly fell in love with it, and used it to lose 40 pounds this past year!  My goal was to not hate the pictures of myself on our summer Disney vacation, like I always had on our previous vacations.

saving for disney


It wasn’t long before I started to wonder if there was some way to get rewards or points from my Fitbit Charge HR , because why wouldn’t I?!

I soon learned about Walgreens Balance Rewards…and I was hooked!

All I had to do was link my Fitbit to my Walgreens Reward Card, and then WALK or RUN with my Fitbit Charge HR  on, and viola! I would get points on my rewards card every single day!  Not only was this incentive to move my body, and lose weight, but it was also incentive for our upcoming Disney Vacation.  We used all my points at various Walgreens stores on our way down to Orlando on snacks and drinks for the family.  This saved us TONS of money on our Disney Vacation!

There are tons of ways to earn Rewards points, like exercise, logging your weight loss, setting goals, and using certain health related apps on your phone, shopping at Walgreens, and getting prescriptions filled at Walgreens.

5000 points = $5.00 at Walgreens.


The Walgreens app can synch to almost any step counter, but I totally recommend the Fitbit Charge HR .  It tracks my heart rate, is a watch, and tracks my steps and exercise.  I love it and feel naked without it! I wore it to Disney World this past June, and tracked over 20,000 steps a day in the parks! Like the Anchor vinyl decal on my Fitbit Charge HR ? You can get yours for ONE DOLLAR in  my Etsy shop!

saving for disney




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