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The absolute cheapest way to go to Disney (without eating pbj’s all week)

Cheap Disney vacation

Cheap Disney vacation

Think you can’t afford a Disney vacation, staying on Disney property? THINK AGAIN!

People ask me all the time, what is the absolute cheapest way to go to Walt Disney World, and stay on property? Well, if you don’t mind only picking two of the four Disney Parks, I’m going to let you in on a cheap way for a family to do four days at Walt Disney World.


Go in the fall and hopefully grab up free dining. Your travel agent can get this for you for free, or if you are doing it on your own, be on your toes to get a room with free dining attached to it. Free dining dates are usually announced in the spring.


Speaking of resort rooms, a family of 3 or 4 can stay in one room in a value resort in the fall for usually around $120 a night.

Cheapest Disney vacation

Cheapest Disney vacation


Get two day non-park-hopper tickets with the water-parks-and-more option added to them.
Disney on a Budget?
Spend two days in two parks, (I suggest Magic Kingdom and Epcot) and two days at Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach. These are Disney’s two fantastically themed water parks. You can go to Disney Springs those evenings after the water parks,, or the Disney Boardwalk. Plus your Resort pool!

Cheap Disney vacation

Cheap Disney vacation


Cheap Disney vacation


This will cost a family of 4 about $1600 for resort and tickets, plus free food if you get the free dining!

All you need is to get there (gas or flight) and spending money!

You could easily do a 4 day Disney vacation for around $2000 total if you can drive.

If you save for a year, you will need to save around $40 a week.

If you can afford $40 a week, then you can go to Disney World when you may think that you cannot afford it!

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Cheap Disney

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