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Tips for Visiting Disney World with Tweens and Older kids


Tips for Visiting Disney WorldTips for visiting Disney world with tweens

Whilst scouring the interwebs for Disney related content (hey, somebody has to do it!) I started to see a trend. Lots and lots and lots of Disney tips and Tricks for babies and toddlers. Not so much stuff for my kid’s current age group of “older kids” and “tweens”. I decided that I should write my own Tips for Visiting Disney World with Tweens and Older kids.

This past trip we had kids ages 8,10,and 12. This was our first trip to WDW without a stroller and it was fantastic!  Getting through the crowds was a breeze without having to push a two ton house on wheels!

I’ve compiled a list of Tips, and also reasons why it is awesome taking your kids to Walt Disney World when they are Tweens, enjoy!

Let them be the family photographer. Have a grouchy middle schooler on your hands? Give them the phone or camera and let them take the pictures for awhile. You will be surprised at some of the awesome shots they get!  My 12 year old sat on the end of the row on the Kilaminjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom and took so many awesome pictures!

They are finally big enough! You don’t have to spin fast on the Tea Cups with them!  The beautiful thing is that your kids are now old enough to go on rides alone or together, no adult needed! My husband and I got to sit together on some rides for the first time at WDW since our honeymoon!

They are big babies! Tweens need a break in the middle of the day just as much as babies and toddlers do! We went back to our resort (Port Orleans Riverside) every afternoon to relax and refresh after getting up early for extra magic hours every morning.  Our kids played in the amazing resort pool, did activities with the resort children’s activities cast members, and chilled out on beach chairs,  while my husband and I mostly did this:Taking Tweens to Disney
They aren’t full blown teens yet. They still think things are magical.
My kids loved all the fireworks and shows at Walt Disney World even more now than they did when they were little!  They were captivated by Illuminations at Epcot, and gave Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios 10 out of 10!  They also sang along with The Lion King show at Animal Kingdom and even all participated in Belle’s Enchanted Story Time! My sons even got to be in a show at Hollywood Studios and won us a Golden Fast Pass for the day!

They understand the concept of money somewhat.  We gave each kid a set amount of money for the vacation and for the most part, let them handle it the was they felt fit. They were surprisingly frugal when they knew that the bank of mom and dad was not open and they had to spend their own money!

Forced Family Fun! They really truly bonded with each other. School and sports and life get in the way so much, as well as friends and activities. My kids sometimes barely spend any time together it seems. We took two weeks and forced family togetherness on them, and it really strengthened their relationships with each other.

Taking Tweens to Disney worldAll in all, taking our tweens to Walt Disney World was an awesome experience. They have been as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, but this was by far our best trip to The World. What are your Tips for Visiting Disney World with Tweens and Older kids?

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